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SUPERLAB develop and improve products, services and organizations. Our drive comes from the simple, and that we find the genius in simplicity. For us, quality is an aesthetic experience where our expertise in design, psychology and technology make our clients innovative and successful.

  • Design

  • Psychology

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Niklas Madsen

Industrial Designer

+46 709 30 75 09
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Samuel West

Doctor / Psychologist

+46 709 38 62 98
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Magnus Persson

System Developer

+46 709 48 99 91
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Jenny Madsen

Interior Designer

+46 763 22 44 07

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Hanny Dahl


+46 708 75 90 09

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Product Development

We help you develop your existing or new products/services. During the process we go through managing ideas, a study phase and a conceptualization phase. Product development is a balance of technology, economics, production, marketing implementation and environmental impact.

Idea Creators

Companies, projects or organizations sometimes just need a creative kick in the butt by an outsider. We come in and help you with finding new customers, markets and/or just to create new concepts. The focus isn’t on the end result, but on problems that may come up along the way there. Critical thinking is important in conceptual design, where the processes, events and human reactions are more important than physical objects.

ABW (Activity Based Workplace)

We have extensive experience in developing ABW offices. We completed our first project in 2007. The approach we use to create an activity-based office is that the tasks form the workplace’s design.

The introduction of an activity-based office is a project of change, not just an interior design project.  After a thorough analysis of needs, different zones are created; the quiet zone, the cozy zone, the meeting zone and/or habitats for different types of needs and activities. The idea of an activity-based office is to encourage collaboration, productivity, and increase flexibility.

Experience Industry

We also offer holistic concepts for restaurants, nightclubs and bars.

System Development

Web-based software or mobile-based development?

We perform all system development from planning and design to implementation, testing and delivery. Through our partners we can also provide operation and server solutions with a focus on scalability, security and simplicity. You as a customer can focus on the product, and we will take care of the rest.


Need to get a summary of the research in a specific subject? We offer research reports related to our competencies in psychology, design and technology.

Surveys and Experiments

Do you want to understand your customers better? We hate surveys and so should you. We help you design and conduct research with the most innovative methods and the latest technology.

Ancient Persian Wisdom

During the Persian Empire’s heyday, leaders discussed ideas first sober, then drunk. If the ideas were good in both states, they decided to implement the idea. Book a Persian Workshop to check if this ancient method still holds true today!

Creative Data Collection and Analysis

We love to help our customers to ask unthinkable questions and measure the immeasurable. Serious but unusual research methods. We have for example examined how levels of sex-related anxiety affects performance on the golf course. See the report.

Play is the Shortcut to Innovation

About how a playful work environment promotes creativity and collaboration in the workplace.

Joy at Work

Why and how organizations can increase job satisfaction. The latest from the research front.

We also tailor lectures, please contact us.

ABW Boot Camp

Our experience in ABW offices shows that companies makes big costly physical changes, and tend to forget the mental change of the personnel that’s required for it to be successful.

We are unique in Scandinavia on educating how to work in an activity-based office. An intensive course/workshop where we look closer at how to change your work approach to be positive, by utilizing all the features and surfaces to become more efficient.

*ABW = Activity Based Workplace