SUPERLAB | Restaurant Gastro
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Restaurant Gastro

Hela renoveringsprojektet genomsyras av klassiskt nytänkande.


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About This Project

Things are happening at Gastro. The entire month of January, the restaurant has been closed to open the new glass door on February 2 for its guests. The now-established and highly reputable restaurant turns 10 years old, but that’s not really why a total renovation occurred.


We the staff know that we need a new start, and this change really means that we are going to a new workplace. We have the ambition to constantly improve and the renovation has given us a real boost, and I guarantee that it will also give our new and old guests a kick when they come here. The fact that this coincides with the 10th anniversary is just a bonus, says founder Per Dahlberg. The renovation was not really supposed to take as wide turns as it did. It started with a little frayed carpet that Per was annoyed with, and it ended with the whole restaurant turned inside out and now it’s black, white and gray that’s intermingled with dark wood and copper. There is a bar area, a bistro-part, a fine dining part and the new Gastro+lab. A room for 12 people where experimental cuisine will be presented on the menu.


I think the lab is a really fun an exciting idea that challenges us in the kitchen on a whole new level. Guests here can follow the kitchen work via a television screen so it’s important that we behave. Here it is just to tune in and be surprised, says Per with a little secretive smile. This restaurant-makeover breathe both old and new. The designer behind the project is Niklas Madsen, the company Mind and he explains the ideas behind the project.


The entire renovation project is imbued with a classical rethinking mindset. We’ve seen how it looked in the past, and done a new twist on it. The many copper elements contribute a lot to this. In the fine dining area, we stick to what once was an exclusive color, namely red, says Niklas Madsen. We believe we’ve caught an old soul in a new body that we hope the guests will feel too.


Customer: Per & Sara Dahlberg
Location: Helsingborg
Completed: January 2008
Size: 390 square meters
Capacity: 180 seatings ca15-20 bar


Photographer: Fredrik Segerfalk