Artificial Intelligent Architecture and Interior design.

Together with artificial intelligent (AI) researcher Axel Nordin (Ph.D.) from Department of Design Sciences LTH at Lunds University Sweden we are looking in to how we can change the future with algorithms. By using existing specific data and different parameters we will simulate different types of artificial intelligent (AI) architectural scenarios. Basically, we are creating new architecture for a future office building with artificial intelligence, not with a architect (a human). AI as an interior designer or as an architect, we can quickly get a optimized plan view for enhancing collaborations, networking or play in a work environment. Different data and parameters will quickly change the architecture, structure and layout depending on what endresult we are aiming for.

The result will be presented at Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven Holland in October.

Year 2018 Client Self-initiated projects Location Helsingborg/Lund Sweden

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