Playful Office Book

One day in early 2016 we realized that we where sitting on way to much info, facts and research that we just had to share. But how? So we came up with the brilliant idea to write a book when nobody buys and reads books any more. So we designed the book after the modern human and it’s behaviors. We studied when, where and how people read books today and the re-innovated the layout of the context of a general perspective of how a book should be. The solution became a short chartered (about 4-6 pages), high research intense, colorful book that you can read when every and where ever.

This philosophy has been developed by doctors, scientific researchers, psychologists, interior designers, product developers, artists, architects, philosophers, horticulturists, computer technicians, nerds and programmers with many years of experience.

Playful Office is not some wild guess or some random prediction. This is a meticulously compiled collection of research, observations, interviews and a lot of experience. This is happening now, as you are reading this. This is the future.

Developed and created by us, Superlab

Release date January 1th 2017 Client Self initiated project

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