What if your office / meeting room was mobile, healthy and sustainable!

Moow is a development project that was started in 2018 by Superlab and Inredo, with the aim of finding new sustainable solutions to future work environments. We face new challenges in which the human health and well-being of our artificial indoor climate must be improved. At the same time, we consume too much resources from our soil and that is no longer sustainable. We believe that we have found new exciting solutions that can solve this problems. Therefore, we are now testing whether our philosophies and calculations are correct.

We have developed a prototype 2.0 of a office/meeting room based on our thoughts, which we are currently testing around in southern Sweden. We have partnered up with different companies that are thought-leaders with in their fields, Ecophon (sound), Lindab (air & ventilatioin), Brainlit (lighting) and Gedigen (IoT & Security). If you are interested in testing our room and helping us evaluate the prototype, you can find it during the following dates on our website:

Or on Instagram

Oh, yeah! One more thing. Our partner  Inredo  have already sold over 150 of them.


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