Museum Of Failure

Museum of Failure is a project we started late 2016 during the time when we were writhing our book Playful Office. The majority of all innovation projects fail and companies and people rarely look into what they can learn from a failure. In some cultures it is also an embarassment to fail

The museum is a collection of interesting innovation failures.
it showcases these failures to provide visitors a fascinating learning experience and a unique insight into the risky business of innovation..

The interest in the museum before it even opened was explosive. An article in the local news paper quickly became a TV interview at Fredrik Skavlan (Scandinavia’s answer to David Letterman) and then over 4,5 million views on Facebook. In June 7th 2017 the collection of seventy failed products had its firs exhibit in Kulturhotellet’s gallery on Södergatan in Helsingborg Sweden. But the media storm had just escalated into a full blown category 5 tornado.

The museum have been featured in all the major TV, radio, press and social media around the world from China to the US. Even live TV and Radio interviews from BBC News (UK), CTV News (Canada) to TV4 (Sweden). Seth Meyers even used the museum on his TV-show Late Night (NBC). But the media coverated world wide on the internet and in press have been overwhelming, New York Times, The Guardian, Daily Mail, National Geographic, etc…

Year 2017 Client Self initiated project Location Helsingborg Sweden

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